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QUICK SUMMARY . . . and Some of My Philosophy 


1- My NAME:  Sean Cox from Chicago, Illinois.

2- My WORK:  I'm a Performance Coach, empowering people to do 2 things:

  • develop the internal assets* required for peak performance
  • achieve high-impact goals.

*an "internal asset" is an inner strength, quality, or strategy that sets us up for success, eg, mental toughness, emotional resilience, inner calmness, strength of spirit, depth of character, etc.  This is the foundation for all high performance.

3- My MISSION:  to empower peak performance.

4- My MESSAGE:  one's professional success is largely determined by one's personal mastery.

  • personal limitations eventually impede professional performance
  • optimal professional performance comes out of a core of personal strength
  • how are YOU getting in the way of your own achievement?

5- My EXPERIENCE:  I’ve been in the field of professionally empowering people to excel for over 30 years.  This is not a hobby, nor is it some mid-career transition.  This is, and has been, my life's work.

. . . Interested in knowing more about who I am, how I work, and how I think?  Click here.

. . . Not Interested in your strengthening your personal and professional performance?  Click here.


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