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. . . you want to exchange your status quo living for:

  • living a fully engaged life where you're thriving in who you are
  • excelling at what you do and becoming a strong performer
  • living out of your strengths rather than over-focused on your weaknesses
  • connecting to a deeper meaning for your life
  • developing the courage to keep moving forward into your challenges
  • stretching yourself, expanding your capacity, and pursuing your potential
  • experiencing greater energy and vitality

If this is you, keep reading.

If you're not interested--you've already "arrived" and are content with your status quo, click here.



  • Create and achieve high-impact goals that propel their lives in a valued direction
  • Identify their signature strengths and design a life around them
  • Develop alignment and flow (core values > purpose > vision > goals)
  • Build deep mental strength--the one asset that is THE difference-maker between being a great performer and an elite performer
  • Grow resilience--that key ingredient that studies show every thriving life possesses
  • Clarify and enforce healthy boundaries for strong relationships
  • Have those difficult conversations they've been avoiding
  • Develop vital energy, moving through their day vibrating with vigor
  • Resolve difficult conflict with calmness and control
  • Build strong communication skills and learn the "secret code" of process (unlocks every communication difficulty)
  • Demonstrate courage everyday to keep moving in a meaningful, value-driven direction
  • Establish a compelling, inspiring, and energizing future vision
  • Handle difficult people with skill and ease
  • Navigate successfully the 3 phases that every life transition must travel through
  • "Own" who they are, authentically putting themselves out there into the world, rather than losing themselves and being who everyone else wants them to be
  • Develop a fully engaged, flourishing life


As your coach, regardless of what you're working with me on, whether you're an executive, a small business owner, a parent, or someone simply wanting to improve some aspect of your life, functioning well in all the following areas leads to greater strength, happiness, and resilience.

Really, there are only a few practices that have the power to make a significant difference in our lives and become true game-changers for any of us.  Here are 13 of them.

Therefore, these areas are always on my radar for everyone I work with, whether we start out explicitly working on them or not.  I keep my eye on how well you are:

  1. Practicing courage
  2. Living from your signature strengths
  3. Finding your purpose
  4. Being in alignment (core values -> purpose -> vision, etc)
  5. Loving and being loved
  6. Pursuing meaningful goals
  7. Building a positive mindset
  8. Developing physical strength
  9. Connecting to transcendence
  10. Enjoying nature (yes, really)
  11. Embracing adventure
  12. Nurturing balance
  13. Being authentic


1) Group Coaching.  This is truly a life-changing option.  Where can you find a small group of people who are all committed to reaching their biggest goals AND totally invested in YOUR personal success?  There is amazing energy, inspiration, and support in these groups ("communities", really).  The faster way of reaching your "stretch goals" is to get connected to a community . . . the slower way is doing it all yourself (don't do that).  All my groups are virtual--over the phone, Skype, etc.  You can participate from anywhere.

2) Membership Community.  (IN DEVELOPMENT) This is where you pay a monthly fee for access to private mastermind groups, webinars, best-practice protocols, all my online courses, and the amazing support and community from other members.  This is where the exciting stuff happens!  For more information, go here or click on the "Membership" tab.

2) Online Courses. This gives you the advantage of working through one of my online courses at your own speed.  This is a highly effective way of being coached, and many actually prefer it to "live" coaching sessions, because they can take the time to digest what I'm saying, and think through their responses.  This can give us a more effective coaching conversation, sometimes one of deeper substance.  The modules are available to you 24/7, so you can work on them whenever it’s convenient for you to do so. Check out The Cox Academy for High Performance.  Of course, if you join my monthly membership community, then you'll have complete access to all of my courses as part of your membership fee . . . or you can pay the full price, one course at a time, in my online academy.

3) Private Coaching. This happens via phone and video conferencing. If you're not part of my membership community, and you're wanting to personally speak to me “live”, and be coached in a particular area, then this package is for you.  It will allow us to get much more in-depth than the Online Coaching option. There’s much to say about this, but if you have some interest, or perhaps have questions, email me and put “Private Coaching” in the subject line. I will get back to you and we can discuss the details.

I'm not interested in helping you make minor tweaks and adjustments.  That's not a good use of either of our time or energy.  Rather, I work with people on achieving big results, creating ripple effects which lead to further secondary changes.

I offer the following high-value packages for my private clients.  Please email me for details.

  • 30-Day Deep Dive
  • 90-Day Acceleration (my most popular package)
  • 1-Day Intensive

There are no quick fixes and magic bullets.  Real change takes time.  Those serious enough about change and excellence realize this.

However, for those who really want to try coaching, but are not yet ready to commit to one of my Premium Packages, I do offer a ONE-MONTH STARTER PACKAGE If interested, please email me, and we'll discuss the details.


While  there may be some similarities between certain forms of psychotherapy and coaching, and at times there may even be some crossover, therapy and coaching are two separate and distinct processes.

While I have many years of experience as a therapist and behavioral consultant (which is a great advantage for my coaching clients, because experienced therapists have deep, specialized skills and knowledge that aren't easily obtained elsewhere, and are of great usefulness in the coaching process), I am NOT doing therapy with you if you enroll as one of my private coaching clients.   Strictly coaching.

A few of the specific advantages, though, of having a seasoned therapist as a coach are that:

  • I understand the deeper reasons that people do things
  •  I understand the reasons that people get stuck, often by their own self-sabotage, and how to defuse these things
  • I understand the ingredients that lead to deep, meaningful thriving--some not so obvious--and the processes of development that "work"
  • I understand, by a lot of trial and error, what solutions work best, and which ones have the lowest return on investment
  • I have a great "gut", and know quickly when a person is moving in the "wrong" direction.

Again, we're not doing therapy here, but I bring this knowledge and experience with me, which only helps me help you more quickly.

However, if you're in the Chicago area and you'd like to see me face-to-face for Professional Counseling, please contact me and let's talk.



Sean Cox



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