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5- My foundational PRIORITY:  My priority is not helping people be happy, but rather helping people be strong.  Happiness, however, will be a natural byproduct of living a strong life.

6- My foundational IDEA:  everyone has natural talents, or strengths--these are your "super powers".   You were born with them, and they're "hard-wired" into your DNA, though it's your responsibility to develop them to their potential.  You are happiest when you're living your life regularly using these strengths in a meaningful way.

7- My foundational BELIEF:  if you want to be strong at what you do, you first have to be sufficiently strong in who you are.

8- My foundational PRINCIPLE:  radical ownership and personal responsibility are at the center of all strong achievement and peak performance, period.  When things aren't working and performance is chronically low, our first assignment is always to straighten out the boundaries of ownership:  own and control what we have true "authority" over (basically ourselves), AND at the same time stop taking responsibility for, and stop trying to control,  those things that aren't ours to own (other people)This simple concept alone has the potential to transform a life.

9- My foundational FORMULA:  Deep Clarity + Smart Action = Strong Success.  "Failure" typically happens because we fall short somewhere in the first two parts of this equation.  Without action we get nowhere because ultimately success and optimal performance are ALL about action.  In addition, our action won't be smart without first getting sufficient clarity (e.g., WHO we are, WHERE we're going, and WHY we're going there).  And without smart action we'll be focusing on the wrong targets.  Mere "movement" is NOT smart action.

10- We experience much greater success in every area of life--by far--when we're actively pursuing meaningful, high-impact goals.  If you've had goals and this hasn't been true for you, we'll fix that.

11- Most people get as far as only having WISHES, not actual goals (there's a huge, life-changing difference between mere "wishes" and actual goals).

12- People fail to reach their most important goals for one of 3 reasons:  they don't create effective goals in the first place, they don't develop an efficient plan to achieve their goals, or they don't execute their plan until achievement.  My process helps people overcome all 3 of these barriers.

13- Fear and Discouragement are your two great enemies.  Conquer these intelligently and you move mountains.

14- There are 3 levels of growth that I work with people on:  growth towards improvement, growth towards excellence, and growth towards mastery.  You determine what kind of growth you're pursuing when you work with me (though I WILL challenge you to "go further").

15-Power to the People . . . we thrive and excel more quickly, more deeply, and more consistently when we're meaningfully connected to a community of people (or at least a couple people) who themselves are thriving and have our best interests in mind.  Conversely, "going it alone" is always the SLOW ROUTE.  If you need more velocity in achieving your high-impact goals, and are too isolated, I personally invite you here.

16- I provide coaching services via video and teleconferencing.  Distance is not an issue—get coached from anywhere.  These are highly effective ways of working with me--it's not necessary to meet in person.

17- I also offer online courses, where you can enter my “virtual classroom” anytime, day or night, 24/7, and work through the modules.

18- I offer my most exclusive services and resources to my membership community, who pay a monthly fee to participate in a supportive, dynamic learning community.

19- Are you currently seeing a therapist?  Having been a psychotherapist for many years myself, I’ve concluded that many actually need a coach, not a therapist.  Progress is often faster with a coach (the right coach, assuming the issues needing to be addressed don't require therapy--many issues don't).

Working With Me Will Make You Strong

As I stated earlier, my priority is not to help people be happy, but rather to help people be strong.  Happiness, however, will be a natural byproduct of living a strong life.

I don't easily fit into any box.  Professionally, I'm a mix of various things, informed and shaped by many streams--experiences that have been deep, rich, and diverse.

If you're looking for a label that best describes me, I'm a Performance Coach who has 30+ years experience as an educated, professionally trained, and seasoned behavioral consultant, having developed expertise in creating transformational change.  I'm also licensed as a clinical professional counselor.

My knowledge and skills have been forged through lessons gained from my own personal life, through excellent formal education and training, through high-value professional experience, as well as through spending roughly the last 40 years passionately pursuing answers to how people grow, excel, and move further into their own potential (beginning this journey "personally" before I ever began doing it professionally).

At different points in my life I've been a husband, father, counselor, spiritual leader, teacher, coach, personal trainer, student of a martial art, team leader, weight lifter, and disciple.  All of these experiences have taught me valuable lessons about growth and achievement.

I'm most energized when I'm helping people grow stronger and achieve high-impact goals--developing personal excellence, building crucial skills, and pursuing superior performance.

My journey has taken me down wonderful paths of working with the broadest spectrum of humanity.  I've had the honor of working with successful entrepreneurs, CEO's, federal government leaders, high-level educators, and cutting-edge scientists.  I've also had the honor of working with gang members, prostitutes, felons, the homeless, the addicted, the traumatized, the abused, and the severely mentally ill.

One group isn't any "better" than the other.  I've learned we're all human, we all want basically the same things, and we're more similar than we are different.  I've also learned we all have a "story" that deserves to be understood and respected.

In addition, I've learned from EXPERIENCE that, despite the world being made up of such a vast diversity of people, there are really only a few core universal principles and practices that lead to high-impact change--the same things that work for the high-level CEO in the executive suite work for the gang member on the street corner.

Sure, the strategies, tactics, and protocols need to be customized for their individual situations, but "truth" is universal.

I've witnessed this universality over and over and over, and out of this have developed my own signature coaching method for transformational change and performance that I've tested over many years . . . which repeatedly brings strong results--field-tested with clients in the face of life's greatest battles and most difficult challenges--clients from every walk of life.

My Special Offer to You

I invite you to sign up for my complimentary coaching session, "Bulletproof Your Goals".  I'd enjoy personally chatting with you, and taking a few minutes to help you clarify your direction.

"Funny" thing--most people don't have real goals, they only have wishes.  What about you--do you want to be standing in exactly the same spot one year from today?

Everyone answers NO, but the reality is that most people remain exactly the same from year to year.  Sure, some things appear to be different, but overall, nothing's really changed.  It's still the same old status quo.

Real change needs to be fought for (nobody just suddenly wakes up one morning "transformed"), and this starts with having a workable goal.

By the way, this is a real session, and not just some "sales pitch" masked as a session--simply 30 minutes of my undivided attention and focused interaction on your most important goal.

I'll personally walk you through a process that'll leave you with stronger focus and direction.

I look forward to hearing from you and to helping you succeed--contact me here if interested.

--Sean Cox, Chicago IL


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