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Deep Clarity + Smart Action = Strong Success


When thinking about reaching your biggest goals, there's the slower way and the faster way.

The slower way is traveling alone and doing it yourself.

Better than this is having a "buddy" or partner or coach/mentor/therapist in your corner that you can get feedback and support from.  Sometimes, though, it's not much better if you don't have the right person in that role.

However, the fastest way to consistently hit your highest value targets is to be significantly connected to a committed group of like-minded people that are deeply invested in your success.

That's what a mastermind group is--a small group of people who are deeply committed to each other's success.  Think of this  as your "inner circle".

(If you already know this is for you, contact me here for details)

Imagine having a team of other smart, supportive people in your corner who can provide you with:

  • a fresh perspective to help you break out of your same-old-thinking that keeps you stuck, so you can get unstuck and move forward
  • an abundance of support, encouragement, and cheer leading
  • straightforward, honest, and direct feedback, coming from a place of strong support and deep empathy
  • accountability
  • a "safe" place to test out your ideas
  • fast-track brainstorming
  • a community of strength
  • inspiration
  • optimism
  • momentum

The fact is that nowadays most people's lives aren't designed to get these things naturally--maybe a couple here or there, but certainly not all at once.

A mastermind group, however, is an intentional community of people who have chosen to come together to provide all of these things for each other, in one place, for the sole purpose of helping each other succeed.

Geography is not an issue, as all groups are virtual--teleconference or video conference.  Maximum convenience.

And, the frequency of the meetings are not burdensome at all--it's very do-able.

If you're interested, or want to know more of the details, contact me and we'll talk.

ANOTHER OPTION--you may have a group of colleagues or peers that you'd like to "group-up" under a more intentional and committed format.  You bring me your group, and I'll provide you with the effective process.

Faster, deeper progress or slower, shallower progress.  Let's get the ball rolling now, so that three months from now you have some strong momentum and serious progress under your belt.

If you're coming aboard, or have questions, contact me here.