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Addressing the Loss In Order to Move Forward

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Today we’re talking about something we’ve all experienced in various forms and in different ways—SET-BACKS.

We’ve all experienced set-backs in one way or another--those times when our plans don't pan out and we find ourselves back at the drawing board.

There is a spectrum, of course.  Some set-backs are of minor consequence and only mildly disrupting.  Some, on the other hand, feel earth shattering and are truly life-altering.

Regardless of where a set-back may be on the spectrum of difficulty, they’re all challenging in their own way.  But other than the smaller ones that we really can brush off without much effort, there is a general path for us to follow that can help us navigate our way through to the other side of these disappointments.

These steps are particularly relevant when we find ourselves STUCK because of a set-back.

I know life is much more complicated than trying to boil things down to a few simple steps, but take a look.  See if these resonate with you. They may be helpful when you’re dealing with your next set-back.

And here’s the key.  Don’t miss this, because it’s worth 10 times the price of this article (even though it’s free, haha).

When you’re dealing with being stuck as the result of a set-back, you’re dealing with a LOSS.  Again, it may be a major loss, a minor one, or something in between.  But I promise you there is a loss if you're dealing with the "set-back -> stuck" scenario.

And if you're stuck and having a hard time moving forward, it’s because you haven’t figured out how to address the loss.  In fact, in my experience, many losses fly under people’s radar so that they don't even realize they're dealing with a loss.

So, the key to dealing with any set-back is to deal with the loss underneath it.

Here’s 5 steps to think about:

Step 1—identify the loss

Step 2—accept the loss

Step 3—grieve the loss

Step 4—release the loss

Step 5—move beyond the loss

Each of these 5 steps is profound in and of themselves.  Some of the steps are even a bit mysterious.  We could spend an entire course together on each one, individually.  Perhaps I’ll create that course one day.

In the meantime, consider these 5 steps when you experience your next set-back.  Over the last 30 years, I’ve had this type of conversation with hundreds of private clients—these are the steps that have worked for us.

I offer them to you as well.

Be well my friend, and stay positive.

-Sean Cox, Chicago


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